I found my soulmate a decade ago. Krupa, my best friend who I fell deeply in love with. Our love story was anything but ordinary. We both came from big, fun-filled, energetic families and we’d always been passionate about life and each other. Which is why, when we decided to get married, we instantly knew that our wedding had to be the grandest, most unique celebration we’d ever seen!

Krupa and I were brimming with ideas, Pinterest boards, millions of inspirations and absolutely no clue about how to bring anything to life. That’s when we came across Nandhini, the master planner behind The W Code who promised us the wedding of our dreams!

Krupa and I decided to get married in my home town, Krishnagiri, a beautiful city in Tamil Nadu teeming with rich history and tradition. But we wanted to bring a fun and young millennial twist to the ancient town and create a wedding that the city had never seen before! Nandhini was tasked with designing a magically grand destination wedding in a remote town of South India- a perfect celebration for our decade-long love story.
And so it began, days and nights of extensive planning, back and forth, trials and whatnot. I for one had a thousand and one inputs and I can’t believe how patient and accommodating Nandhini was through it all, always paying such close attention to detail. Krupa and I had never been more excited!

The day finally arrived! Our families and friends started trickling in, all getting ready for three days of big bashes and events. The celebrations stared with the first day of the haldi ceremony and I can’t tell you how amazed we were by how beautiful everything looked! Fresh flowers were everywhere and lights glittered in every nook and cranny. Nandhini had managed to create the perfect blend between traditional and cosmopolitan!

Just as things started picking up pace, something happened which none of us ever expected in our many months of planning. It was the day of the outdoor sangeet and as we woke up, we were greeted by a torrential downpour, the likes of which we had never seen before. I was heartbroken. The wedding of my dreams was quite literally being washed away. I had all but given up, when Nandhini stepped in to salvage the situation. If you can believe it, she took a bare backyard shed and within a day’s time, turned it into the dreamiest location we’d ever seen! We had live food trucks, cocktail counters, mehendi zones, play areas and so much more. The decor was simply splendid and the ceiling glittered beyond magically. This event was the talk of the town!

"If you can believe it, she took a bare backyard shed and within a day’s time, turned it into the dreamiest location we’d ever seen!"
The days went on, our friends and family joyously singing and dancing through it all. The sangeet was followed by a traditional wedding and a glammed up reception with around 3000 people. Everything was handled with perfection and sophistication by Nandhini, who made sure we had absolutely nothing to stress about. We couldn’t have been happier!
Thank you Nandhini and The W Code team for making my special day better than I could ever imagine. I would give anything to relive those days again! With all the ups and downs, she was the one we could constantly rely on to deliver perfection. I couldn’t be more glad we chose her. I highly recommend The W Code to anyone looking for someone to bring their wedding dreams to life!

– Muni


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